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Step 3

Step 3

Sending Your Hair

The first step is cutting the ponytails that will be used in making your custom hairpiece. This can be your own hair or hair donated by your loved ones. We accept all colors, textures, dyed, and permed hair.


● Hair should be clean and dry.
● Separate the hair into several sections around the head to maximize the length.
● Secure the hair in ponytails or braids with at least two tight bands before it is cut. Longer lengths require additional bands along the pony.
● It is critical that the hair all stays in the direction it grows.
● Wrap the ponytails in tissue paper or paper towel all in the same direction to avoid tangling. Place wrapped hair in a plastic bag or paper envelope. 

Shipping Instructions

When your hair is cut into ponytails and wrapped. You are ready to send in your hair.

Be sure to include a note with your name and contact information when shipping to our secure facility.

Facility address:
2844 Monterey Parkway
St. Louis Park, MN 55416