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Step 2

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Designing Your Wig

Here is where you design your custom wig to your needs and fit. On the order form there will be four customizing sections: measurements, cap, hair, and additional options.

Gathering Your Info


There are three required measurements to ensure your wig fits properly
● around the head
● ear to ear
● front to back.
For a detailed explanation on how to take measurements click here.

Filling Out The Order Form

Cap Options

Smooth and Stretchy Cap vs. Open Wefts:

The smooth and stretchy option is a closed fabric with a stretchy, breathable material. This is the more durable option and what we usually we recommend.  Open Wefts is an open cap with the ability to stick your fingers through the cap. This is a more delicate option since the hair can come back through the wefts. It can provide a bit more comfort in warmer places.

Wig flipped inside out showing smooth and stretchy cap
Smooth and Stretchy Cap
Open Wefts Cap

Hair Options

Choose between matching your custom wig to your gifted hair or the best match of your desired look with our detailed color swatch. 

If you have a variety of hair from several donors, let us know how you want it used. Should one color be predominant and the other used as highlights? Do you want lighter colors on top and darker underneath? We can use certain hair as highlights, lowlights, or blended with the main hair color.

Additional Options

● We offer professional cutting/styling and professional color/highlights for an additional fee. 
● Our regular turnaround time is 8-11 weeks. For those that need it sooner, we offer a rush option of 5-6 weeks for $300

Payment Options

● If you would like to pay in installments rather than all at once you can use the PayPal Pay Later Option at checkout.

● We also offer the option to divide your payment into thirds. This can be done by selecting “pay by check” when checking out. You can then either send a check for third of the total cost or you can request a credit card payment link be emailed to you. Please note that the wig will need to be paid in full prior to shipping.