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Pick one of our custom plan options. Specify your customizations on our online order form. Send your hair to our secure facility and we will begin working on your custom piece. It’s that simple. We want you to worry about getting better and let us worry about your hair.

We accept all processed hair when making your custom piece- dyed, bleached, and permed.

We require a minimum of 8 inches. 2 inches of your hair is lost in the wig making process (and 3 inches for lace).

Sure! As long as the hair was stored at room temperature and is not tangled we can still use your hair.

As many as you would like. It is best if all of the hair is similar in color and texture. If the textures are similar- it is possible to use multiple colors to blend as highlights or lowlights.

Making a wig typically takes 3-4 heads of hair. It is not necessary to send in 3-4 heads of hair. We use whatever gifted hair you send and then add any additional hair free of charge.

We only use the best. All of our hair is premium, European hair. Whenever possible our hair is virgin, unprocessed. However, long, blonde hair is often hard to source and we will supplement with European processed hair.  We work hard to have a large variety of hair to match the color and texture of your gifted hair and desired style.

Absolutely! We encourage you to wear your wig exactly as you style your own hair. If you wear your hair in a pony- we would use a pony cap. Let us know when placing your order how you like to wear your hair and we can customize your wig to those details.

Our gold plan includes two lace options- one with a lace top and one with a lace front. Our lace is multidirectional and can be parted in any direction. Lace is the recommended option for clients who like to wear their hair pulled back- revealing their hairline. Lace is a paper thin material that is almost invisible to the eye and invisible to a camera lens. Lace is less durable since it can be easily ripped if not handled with care. Lace also entails more upkeep since it can start to fray and lift around the hairline. Please expect to need to put in extra work to extend the life of your wig. 


Our silver plan includes a multidirectional skin top that can be parted in any direction. Skin tops are very durable and do not require much upkeep. Due to the nature of the skin top, the hairline has additional layers to properly secure the wig. Skin tops are recommended for clients that like to wear bangs, side bangs, or curtain bangs.

Headband fall (or a 3/4 wig) is a wig with a full cap and no multidirectional part. A headband fall must be worn with a headband or hat and has beautiful movement with all day comfort. A hat fall (or 1/2 wig) is a full wig cap without hair on the top portion. This can be worn with baseball caps, fedoras, beanies, scarves, turbans, etc.

For our clients on a budget we offer our bronze plan and falls. Our bronze plan is a practical choice custom made with your hair. Unlike our gold and silver plans, the bronze plan wigs are made without a scalp and are best worn with bangs. Bronze plan wigs are only created in short lengths. An alternative option is our headband and hat falls. Our falls come in multiple lengths and colors, are more affordable, and have a natural appearance.

Always return your lace wigs back onto a wig head and never place any T- pins directly into your lace. We recommend resetting your lace every 2-3 weeks after daily wear to help tighten the lace so it will not start to lift against the skin. Resetting your lace entails placing a wide, wet ribbon with part of the ribbon along the edge of the wig and part extending out. Place a T-pin into the ribbon so that the hole is not made in the lace and let the ribbon dry overnight.

Lace wigs are very delicate. The following are some additional best care practices:

  • Handle with care so not to rip the lace or to push the hair inside the cap.  The lace should not be run directly under water or touched with any heating tools.
  • Never use the lace to pull or move your wig- only the thicker cap material and ear tabs. 
  • Your lace may need to be trimmed eventually as it starts to fray or hair might need to be added to the hairline.

Wigs do not need to be washed as often as your own hair. If you are wearing your wig daily we recommend washing every 6 weeks. Washing your wig too often will decrease its life expectancy.

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