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Can Insurance Cover the Cost of Your Medical Wig?

In short, yes.

Depending on your insurance, when you lose your hair due to medical reasons such as chemotherapy or alopecia, you can file an insurance claim to receive a partial or full cost of your wig. You can also use HSA or FSA funds to pay for your wig. Please check with your insurance to confirm coverage.

Know What to Ask

Ask your doctor’s office for a prescription for a Cranial Prosthesis.‎ Insurance companies consider a wig as a ‎prosthetic device and will refer to it as a Cranial Prosthesis.

They can help find out if you are covered and for how much, ‎just like with any other procedure.‎



TIP: If they don’t cover for cancer, ask if it is covered for Alopecia. The doctor may write it up as “Alopecia caused by chemo treatments”.

The term “Alopecia” (without a type specified) refers to any hair loss. Many insurance plans will cover some of the cost of your Medical Wig.

Get Your Medical Receipt

When filling out the order form simply check the box that says you would like a medical receipt and we will send it to you after your order has been submitted.

Screenshot of form option to receive a medical receipt upon purchase