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How It All Works

How It Works Step By Step

Step 1

Choose Your Plan

To best suit our customers diverse needs, we offer 3 custom wig plans and 3 custom hairpiece plans. Choose your custom plan based on budget and lifestyle. All of our wig plans and hairpiece plans can be created with or without your gifted hair. We give a discount on custom wigs with any amount of gifted hair.

Wig Plans:

Gold Wig Plan: Our most natural wig with a lace front or lace top. This is the best choice for those who only want the best and will put in the extra effort to take proper care of their delicate hairpiece. 

Silver Wig Plan: Our durable, multidirectional skin top wig. This is the best choice for those with an active lifestyle who don’t want to compromise on either beauty or durability. 

Bronze Wig Plan: Our affordable, non-skin top wig. This is the best choice for those who want a custom wig with their own hair and are on a budget

Hairpiece Plans:

Band Fall: A 3/4 wig is a full wig cap without a skintop all of the hair sewn towards the back. It is worn with a headband, hat, or your own hair pulled over the front. This is also a great option for clients on a budget.

Hat Fall: A 1/2 wig is a full wig cap with no hair on the top portion of the cap. It is worn with a baseball cap, fedora, beanie, turban, or scarf. This is also a great option for clients on a budget.

Topper Hairpiece: A hairpiece that only covers the top portion of the head. A hair topper can vary in size depending on the coverage you need.  A topper is a perfect option for thinning hair and is worn with your hair down underneath. Options from 4″x4″ to 9″x9

If you are having difficulty choosing a plan, one of experts will be able to help you via the live chat or email. 🙋

001-business Step 2

Make Your Custom Order

Here is where you design your custom wig to your needs and fit. On the order form there will be four customizing sections: measurements, cap, hair, and additional options.


There are three required measurements to ensure your wig fits properly
● around the head
● ear to ear
● front to back.
For a detailed explanation on how to take measurements click here.

Cap Options:

Smooth and Stretchy Cap vs. Open Wefts: Smooth and stretchy is a closed cap with a stretchy material. This is the more durable option. Open Wefts is an open cap with the ability to stick your fingers through the cap. This is a more delicate option since the wefts can be pulled inside the wig. 

Soft and Fuzzy Lining vs. Smooth Silk Lining: Soft and fuzzy lining is great for our sensory sensitive customers. It is a warmer material. Smooth silk lining is our most popular option. It feels soft on your skin and won’t cause irritation. It is our cooler option. We can also customize a lining based on your preferences and allergies. 

Lace Top vs. Lace Front: Our gold plan includes lace customizations to your wig. Lace top is a 4″ x 5″ hand-tied lace top. This is our most delicate and more natural option. Lace front is a 2″ lace front strip added on to our Silver plan Multidirectional skin top. The lace is still delicate, although less delicate than a lace top. Please see instructions on how to care for lace in our FAQ’s.

Hair Options:

Choose between matching your custom wig to your gifted hair or the best match of your desired look with our detailed color swatch. 

If you have a variety of hair from several donors, let us know how you want it used. Should one color be predominant and the other used as highlights? Do you want lighter colors on top and darker underneath? We can use certain hair as highlights, lowlights, or blended with the main hair color.

Additional Options:

● We offer professional cutting/styling and professional color/highlights for an additional fee. 
● Our regular turnaround time is 8-11 weeks. For those that need it sooner, we offer a rush option of 5-6 weeks for $300.
● At this time, orders with a lace top have a turnaround time of 13-14 weeks and no rush option if offered


For those who do not want to pay in full, we offer two payment plan options. The payments can be split into two or four equal payments. 

Your insurance will sometimes cover the cost of your wig and we can give you a medical receipt to show your insurance. To learn more about if your insurance will cover your wig click here.

Step 3

Send Your Hair

The first step is cutting the ponytails that will be used in making your custom hairpiece. This can be your own hair or hair donated by your loved ones. We accept all colors, textures, dyed, and permed hair.


● Hair should be clean and dry.
● Separate the hair into several sections around the head to maximize the length.
● Secure the hair in ponytails or braids with at least two tight bands before it is cut. Longer lengths require additional bands along the pony.
● It is critical that the hair all stays in the direction it grows.
● Wrap the ponytails in tissue paper or paper towel all in the same direction to avoid tangling. Place wrapped hair in a plastic bag or paper envelope. 
● Be sure to include a note with your name and contact information when shipping to our secure facility.

Our facility address is:
2844 Monterey Parkway
St. Louis Park, MN 55416

Step 4

Look Beautiful

Once we receive all of your order information and hair we will begin working on your custom wig. Wait patiently with anticipation for your wig to arrive and the selfies to begin.

Once your wig is completed, we will send you an email with a tracking number and wash/care instructions. Your wig may need to be cut by your local hair stylist. We are happy to set up a consultation to discuss how to make your wig look most natural. Wear confidently!

To begin picking your plan see our plan options page below