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Look in the mirror & see yourself again!
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Something Special...Something Special... Watch this video before cutting your hair!

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How to make a template for a wig

How Does it Work?
We make wigs with your hair
  • Our speciality is making Custom Medical Wigs with the Hair you provide.
  • We do this for customers world wide.
  • You get $100 OFF for providing hair. We will add hair to match if more is needed.
  • We can also advise you about getting help from insurance and fundraising.
    We will work with you to find the right option for your budget.

Six Steps for ordering a wig made with your hair...
    Before cutting, secure your hair in a ponytail so it all runs in the direction it grows. You can cut one ponytail or several smaller ones to maximize the length. Tip Make sure the hair is dry and put it in a plastic bag or ‎envelope.‎


    Ship the hair (with your contact information) to our Secure Mailing Address:
    Caring and Comfort #108
    ‎2136 Ford Parkway
    St Paul, Minnesota 55116‎ USA

    Fax, Email or Text photos of the preferred style and order form. The wigmaker will use the pictures you send to create the wig in a similar style.


    The starting cost is $770 ($870 - $100 for using your hair) for a basic custom wig. We have 3 Plans to choose from with more options. We also have lower priced Partial Hairpieces we can make with your hair or Ready Made Wigs.


    Your insurance may pay some of the expense. Tip!Ask what coverage they have for an "Extra-cranial Prosthesis" (that's medical jargon for a wig!).


    We can also help you with Fund Raising Ideas.


    Normal turnaround time to make a custom wig from scratch is 8-10 weeks. With a RUSH fee of $150, the wigmakers can complete it in 5-6 weeks (sometimes less).


Remember no question is unimportant. We are here to help you through ‎this journey.‎

Wigmaker ‎



Please send your hair and order form to:‎

Caring and Comfort #108
‎2136 Ford Parkway
St Paul, Minnesota 55116‎


P.S. Here are some helpful links:

A Most Personal Gift
You are absolutely amazing!

Either you care so much for someone that you are ready to give 'literally' of yourself to make them feel good about themselves.


You are facing a challenge yourself and rising above it to maintain your self image and dignity.

We applaud you!

About Us...
We are here for you

"Yes, we can!" We have been making custom medical wigs for over 10 years for clients throughout North America and around the world.


Family Owned and Operated
As a small family owned business we personally oversee every detail of you order.
Chira was born in South Africa where her grandfather started a furniture business that grew to become a national icon. She and her siblings have all been inspired to build their own family businesses from the ground up.


Family Manufactured in South America - Our wigs are made in Argentina by a small factory that has been a provider for some of the top wig companies for three generations.


We also have a local U.S. Wig-maker, who is our mentor and collaborates on special orders.


Wig Experiance

Chira, the owner, has worn wigs for 30 years, besides manufacturing and styling them.

She sometimes thinks of herself as a Wig Councelor or Therapist, having heard so many stories from her clients.


There is great comfort in wearing your own hair or hair that has been ‎donated by people who care.
That is why our good friend, ‎who is a survivor, came up with the name "Caring and Comfort" for what ‎we do.