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Wigs Made with Your Hair
"Yes, we can!"

Sometimes friends or relatives want to donate their hair for a wig. Wearing a wig made with your own hair, or hair provide by someone who cares, is very special and satisfying.


We know that hair loss can be the most difficult and stressful aspect of ‎whatever medical condition women are confronted with. We have two ways ‎that we can help.‎

  1. ‎There is great comfort in wearing your own hair and hair that has been ‎donated by loved ones and people who care. (That is why our good friend, ‎who is a survivor, came up with the name "Caring and Comfort" for what ‎we do.)‎
  2. ‎We find people choose a style close to their hairstyle before diagnosis. ‎This seems to help in their recovery. At least they look the same. So we ‎can make their Custom wig designed from the clients photos.‎

If more hair is needed to complete the wig, we match our human hair with ‎the hair provided and blend the colors and textures.‎

Remember no question is unimportant, we are here to help you through ‎this journey.‎

Wigmaker ‎


Please send your hair and order form to:‎

Caring and Comfort #108
‎2136 Ford Parkway
St Paul, Minnesota 55116‎

Tip Be sure to secure the hair in one or more ponytails so it stays in the ‎direction that it grows. Make sure the hair is dry an put it in a bag or ‎envelope.‎


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Getting Insurance to Pay for Your Wig
Know what to ask...

More and more health insurance companies today cover part or all of the ‎cost of the wig if your doctor writes a prescription. ‎


Not every company reimburses, but you should try. Feeling comfortable ‎with the way you look may help with recovery.‎

Having hair that looks and feels natural is as important as any other part of ‎your body... in fact, that is why insurance companies consider a wig as a ‎prosthetic device (in the same category as an artificial limb).‎


The Medical Term for a wig is an "Extra-cranial Prosthesis"‎


The Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) for wigs = ‎A9282‎


Every Insurance Plan (and even Government Insurance Plans) vary from ‎state to state and between contracts with employers. So you need to find ‎out about your specific policy.‎


Tip! Ask your doctor for a prescription for an Extra-cranial Prosthesis to ‎submit to your insurer.‎‏ He‎/‎She can help you find out if you are covered and for how ‏much‎, ‎just like with any other procedure‎.‎